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Episode Four

April, 19, 2013

Once again, I LOVED all of your fantastic ideas about what should happen. I incorporated most of them into this installment. Many of you thought along the same lines. It’s true, great minds do think alike! I’m excited to hear how you want this to end for Plain Jane, the Sexcapader, and the Princess Bride!!!

  1. Maria says:

    No!!! The story cant end next week! 🙁 Super impressed with how you’ve written these installments each week on short notice using our comments and the story’s REALLY GOOD!!

  2. abigailkim019 says:

    WOW!! I never would have seen these twists coming, what a game changer for all the girls. Even though Jane is flustered I don’t think she has lost her fighting spirit. I think she and professor Hotstuff should take in the festival and let her troubles slip away as the night heats up.

  3. abigailkim019 says:

    Pierre and Presley definitely need some time apart. I can see Presley returning home to the states, feeling a bit defeated, and Pierre coming to apologize in person and doing something to make it up to her. I’m not saying she should forgive him right away or anything but if Pierre is genuine he definitely needs to try and win Presley back.

  4. Holly B says:

    I love that Jane’s professor helps her out at the festival! They should enjoy the festival together, and then have an intimate love-declaring moment afterwards. If they don’t wind up together, at least Jane will go back to the US with the knowledge that he felt the same, and she’ll have recovered her confidence!

  5. kmk17 says:

    I love that the professor happened to be there when Jane was in trouble. I hope they have a long and adventurous night together at the festival, where more unexpected things happen and Jane can forget all her troubles and just be happy to be with professor hotstuff! Then they should definitely end the night with a moment where they confess the feelings they’ve had for eachother all along. They may not be able to work out being together just yet, but knowing that they both want to is a great start!

  6. Holly B says:

    The Princess Bride should find a new- and better- man! Forget Pierre, neither girl deserves him. I think she should either find a new guy, or find happiness in independence! Either way, she should forget about Pierre.

  7. kmk17 says:

    I think Jane and Sloane should become good friends. Because they are polar opposites, they may be able to give eachother the advice they need!

  8. jordankean says:

    I loved the twists at the end! I definitely think Jane and her professor should end up hanging out the rest of the evening, maybe end up somewhere intimate away from the crowd. They should admit their feelings for each other and share a kiss!

  9. Katie says:

    I think that Presley should stay in Paris after the break up. She just got the amazing job. Although she might feel like her world is falling apart, I think that she should meet another man that is better than Pierre and who actually loves her and is faithful.

  10. ruthellen16 says:

    I’m with Jordan. A good story needs thrilling twists! These ones took me by such surprise. Don’t want this saga to end!! With Sloan I’m all for staying true to the book. The story about the sexcapader in your book putting away her sexy map and meeting the sweet German man was classic. What better ending for Miss Sexcapader is there?

  11. tinaofleon says:

    I felt so bad for Presley! I don’t think she should take Pierre back by any means, though. I was thinking she and Sloan should meet up somehow. Perhaps through the blog, or maybe just a day after the hookup or something. Sloan could buy Presley a drink when she sees her out crying somewhere, then they could find out about each other’s identities then. Sloan could even help Presley out, talking about the relationship. Presley did seem to settle on one of the first guys she got out there with! Then they could go out together, and Sloan could open Presley’s eyes on what more there is out there. I agree that Presley should stay in Paris though. She came to Europe looking for her European Wesley, but maybe she really just needed to learn more about herself and become the independent, confident woman she is!

  12. Alyssa says:

    I am so sad this is the second to last installment they have been so good! I think Pierre needs to get kicked to the curb, its time to move on! I also agree that it was awesome when the sexcapader slugged Pierre.

  13. gab0429 says:

    Since her exchange is ending and she may or may not ever see him again a one last fling could really boost Jane’s confidence and she could end the trip with how she wanted to start with. Plus it would send Bell over the edge if she knew that her plan to trick Jane actually ended in Jane’s favor.

  14. gab0429 says:

    Presley should forget about Pierre! He is the type of guy I’m sure she wanted to get away from in the first place. Presley should work towards her career more and have some fun with other guys in her city. After all Paris is the city of love. It was a nice touch to add the slugger the sexcapader gave and that she added Presley in on her comment. I think the two should meet and write something supportive on Jane’s blog or maybe let her know that they have met and tell her about how they met. That way it brings the three girls closer together in that way since the blog is how it all started in the first place.

  15. BR says:

    I think Presley should forget about Pierre- I think that Presley should not forget about the great times they spent together but ultimately she has more important things to celebrate. I would focus on her new job, establishing herself in Paris and maybe even end with a hint towards the idea that she found someone at work.

    I think to bring all three stories together since the audience is aware that they are all connected, would be interesting to see. Show the strong bond that was formed between them while they were all helping each other while traveling through Europe. Just having the bond that they were in Europe together connects them.

    I think how the relationship between Jane and the prof is developing is going at the right pace. I would suggest leaving some mystery open to interpret for the reader at the end. I would allude to their future romance but not go into details.

  16. abbymself says:

    I agree with the comment from Holly B about Pierre being completely forgotten by both girls. I think they should take a “John Tucker Must Die” spin and team up on him! Their friendship will be united by the disliking of a boy. Maybe the Sexcapader’s part should end in reflection. She should have some epiphany about what she values in relationships. I agree with others also that Jane and Prof. should have a grand day at the fair!

  17. Taylor Tennison says:

    Like some of these amazing suggestions, I think Presley should ditch Pierre and work on building a friendship with Sloane. Why not throw a little girl power into the mix, even if this is “The Single Girl’s Guide to Meeting European Men,” am I right? Sure, the idea of Pierre was great for a while–but after this? Especially when she is in the middle of the City of Love–she needs a time out! I think this would be a great time for her to enjoy HERSELF in Europe and have a great time in Paris. I definitely don’t think she should see this as a defeat and go home. She needs to stick with it and still have a great time, WITHOUT Pierre. Who knows, maybe another hot French man could be just around the corner! 🙂

  18. Sara Sampson says:

    Jane should drown her sorrow in the fest with her hot prof. Live it up girl! I’m so sad to have this story end! 🙁

  19. Rhonda says:

    I’m with Sara. A festival is a good place for romance to build. I wanna see Jane on top of the world!

  20. Sara Sampson says:

    I agree. Jane should have a blast. Tough luck Bell!!

  21. neenapack says:

    I think that Jane should go off and try to enjoy the festival on her own, but then maybe she realizes she isn’t up to it or doesn’t have the confidence to be on her own, etc. (sort of a self pity moment). Then maybe she will start to walk towards the outskirts of the festival and run into the Professor. I think their romance should blossom away from the festival and the public, maybe down an alley or something!

  22. Mary M says:

    Love all the twists in this story! They keep me glued to the screen. It’d be great to see a different side of a character that we didn’t expect. Maybe one of the girls or better even the hot prof.

  23. Betty says:

    This story is awesome. This is how it should go down. First, Prof HS & Jane need to get with it and have fun at the festival. Second, Presley needs to get a life and forget Pierre! Sloane can help her.


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