Enjoying Everything Holiday

December, 18, 2015

Yesterday, I overheard someone say that, for her, the holiday season had no sparkle because she was new to the area, wasn’t near her family, and only had a modest income. I wanted to hug her and whisper that none of these factors should cause anyone to miss out on this enchanting season. There are holiday lights, decorated neighborhoods and anyone can call out season’s greetings. In every neighborhood and workplace there are people―new and old―who would be happy to make a new friend and join the festivities.


Seeing the lights is one of my favorite holiday outings. Knowing this, Tom surprised me by planning a date to a winter wonderland. He told me that we were going someplace fun and to dress warm. When I saw the shimmering lights, I never wanted to leave.


Sweater by Alice + Olivia from Nordstrom.


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