Enjoy Every Moment!

March, 8, 2011


With study abroad programs abounding, here’s a helpful Amazon review of my book: “As a college student that spent a year abroad in Ireland, I wish I would have had The Single Girl’s Guide to Meeting European Men. I read this book after returning from Europe and I cannot wait to go back! The book is full of great places to socialize, explore and experience European culture. This is the perfect gift for anyone planning a trip to Europe and especially great for college students. Cahoon offers sensible advice to travelers on how to stay safe but enjoy every moment!

This girl obviously knows the art of multitasking…you can do well in your classes while meeting the men. On just one date with a native guy you can became more proficient in a foreign language than with a week of classes, and learn the culture firsthand. When it comes to study abroad, you can have your cake and eat it too:) 


  1. Camille Flora says:

    Agree 100% w/this review!


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