This blog began in 2010 as part of the publisher’s promotional materials for my travel book, The Single Girl’s Guide to Meeting European Men. The book rose to #1 on Amazon’s Best-Sellers List within two weeks of publication, and is still selling. The blog has been expanded to cover my other pursuits.

DIY Photoshoot

May, 24, 2016

If you’re not on Snapchat, you may not be familiar with my photo-taking shenanigans (katherinechloe). I’m definitely not one of those bloggers supported by a professional, four-person team. It’s often just me, my camera, and a tripod. You snapchatters have witnessed my whole juggling act of setting up my equipment, dashing in front of my camera just as the automatic timer goes off, and then snap-chatting while racing back to my car, hoping to make it before the time expires on my parking meter!

Milly A Milly B Milly C Milly D Milly E

So that’s one of the reasons why I especially love the times when my friend, Kylee, takes the pictures, like today. The other reason is that we always have a ton of fun…chatting about our love lives, the week’s highpoints and mishaps, and laughing. I don’t know why it is, but whenever we embark on a shooting spree, someone seems to be hosting an event at our venue, and that makes the whole process even more enjoyable.

Dress by Milly.

  1. Anupriya says:

    I don’t think its perfection of camera. Instead of this i would love to say that you are beautiful that’s why these pictures are so adorable.


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