DIY Christmas Gifts

December, 10, 2014

I may love blooms in the winter even more than the rest of the year, because they aren’t as abundant. From the time I was little, my family planted Paperwhite Narcissus or Amaryllis bulbs in decorative pots. We passed them out to people who were missing loved ones around the holidays and felt alone.

DIY Gift A

My mom always said that when each bloom formed, it was like making a new friend who would keep them company.

DIY Gift B

This gift is easy to make. First, choose a six-to-eight inch pot. If you’re planting Amaryllis, make sure it is heavy enough to support its massive blooms. Put a layer of pebbles or marbles in the bottom. Add a little charcoal to keep everything fresh once the plant gets watered. Some people like to put a little fresh potting soil in the bottom, too.

DIY Gift C

Insert the bulb about halfway down, with the pointed end up.

DIY Gift D

Tie a ribbon around your container and you have a live gift and will keep giving. Tell the lucky ones who receive it to add water to the base of the bulb, keep it moist, and put it in bright light. When the roots are formed and the green shoot is about one to two inches tall, drain off the water and replace it with a solution of four-to-six percent alcohol…but don’t use beer or wine, their sugars damage plants.

DIY Gift E

In about four to six weeks they should have beautiful blooms.


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