Diving Paradise in East Africa

June, 5, 2014

The moment I learned of Pemba Island’s Manta Resort, I was enthralled by this aquatic East African retreat. It is a sea lover’s vacation dream…a three-story hotel suite with a glass bedroom plunging beneath the Indian Ocean. Spotlights are even included to attract fish.

Diving Paradise in East Africa A

So by day you can snorkel or dive, chill on a white-sand beach, or explore Zanzibar’s Pemba Island. You can even take an excursion to the ancient Ngezi Forest…and might get lucky enough to encounter a flying fox!

Diving Paradise in East Africa B

By night, you can watch the stars from your rooftop deck or get a private show of sea life right from your bed! Sounds incredible. Only one little problem… I’m far from a daredevil and I’ve never gone diving. Guess it’s time to sign up for those lessons:)

Diving Paradise in East Africa C


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