Dancing Through Cheyenne

May, 11, 2017

The week I moved to Cheyenne, one of the first people I met was the mayor, Marian Orr. When I asked what she was most proud of about the city, she listed her favorites without hesitation. Prominent among them was Ballet Wyoming. Mayor Orr explained that we have talented artists running this company, and the dancers are chosen through a rigorous vetting process. So naturally, when my CBS News Director asked for May Sweeps ideas, I immediately thought of the Ballet. Here is my feature:

After doing these interviews and meeting the dancers, I couldn’t let their production of Midsummer Night’s Dream come and go without seeing it. This picture was taken on my way to the theater. I knew I wouldn’t be disappointed because I had seen a rehearsal—and I wasn’t. If you’re ever in Cheyenne, I recommend catching a Ballet Wyoming performance.

Dancing Through Cheyenne



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