Crestfallen Over Crumbs

July, 9, 2014

Crumbs Bake Shop abruptly closed all its stores last Monday, July 7, and I’m in mourning. I’ve had an intense love for those cupcakes ever since I began traveling to LA for work. The over-sized treats were pure paradise. Never mind the fact that just one could top a whopping 600 calories. If that number had been doubled, I still would have lined up for it with rapt anticipation. Here’s a picture of a Crumbs-size cupcake versus a regular one.

Crumbs A

The cupcake craze – sparked by the TV series “Sex and the City” – is waning, but I will always be a fan. I even featured Crumbs and its rival, Sprinkles, in the following comedic video. It’s about my so-called “glamorous” Hollywood life. You’ll find out fast that it’s far from glamorous:)

At the end of every LA trip, I’ve headed to Little Santa Monica for a Crumbs cupcake before leaving town. What am I going to do for a tasty replacement when I return to LA? If any of you have a favorite dessert, I’d love to hear about it.

Crumbs B


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