Charity Cookbook by the Almost Famous

January, 7, 2013

Charity CookbookWhen entertainment writer Chris Trash asked me to contribute to a charity cookbook, I was excited to help. If you’re like me and love eating so much that it might as well be a hobby, by ordering this book you can both get your food fix and help those in need. Chris said, “the idea is to get a group of young up-and-coming faces together and have them share a little piece of their everyday lives.” As he put it, “Buy this book and get recipes from Katherine Chloé Cahoon, Mike Benner, Chase Mitchell and MANY MORE!…Not THAT many more, like 15 more people but still pretty fancy…you don’t just become Gwyneth Paltrow overnight.” I like to think of us as the “almost famous” because we’re included on almost prestigious sites like Celebrity wikiFeet! But seriously, check out the book!

  1. Jonathan says:

    Are you using the cookbook to follow your own recipe? 🙂


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