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Canlis: Seattle Cuisine

May, 18, 2016

Lately, I’ve been doing a blog series on Travel Talk for the Seattle area. If you’d like to see the other posts, here they are. Today, I’m featuring what many have considered the #1 Seattle restaurant for decades…and it still lives up to that reputation.

Canlis Seattle ACalis Seattle Bar

My mom has lived in Seattle for 28 years and wanted to have a Canlis experience the entire time. We were seated with a gorgeous view of Lake Union, our friendly server provided detailed, mouth-watering descriptions of each dish, and the pianist rolled out one jazzy tune after another, from classics to current hits.

Canlis Seattle B Canlis Seattle C Canlis Seattle D Canlis Seattle E Canlis Seattle F

When dinner was served, I was in cuisine heaven. As the last course arrived, Mr. Canlis personally greeted us. We had noticed some men had tied swing ropes to a tree outside our window, and were sitting in them, shooting pictures of the festivities going on inside. I was so intrigued that I took a picture of them. Later, I learned that they were members of the Canlis clan. One of them had climbed the tree and taken pictures as a child. He was recreating the experience.

Canlis Seattle G

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