Can You Look for Love?

October, 28, 2015

Is romantic love really something a person can look for? Love is one of my favorite topics and so I like to read about it. But according to experts, finding love is a highly debated subject. Does love find you? Do you find it? Or, does love appear when you aren’t looking for it? I was thinking about all this as I went about enjoying fall. Here’s my take on the topic. I always like hearing yours.

Milly A

Some have said that the best way to find love is to not look for it. I can see the wisdom in going about your life, following your dreams, and letting love come naturally. But I believe that the best way for love to find you is to have an open heart, full of kindness.

Milly B

I used to think that my life had to be in perfect order and problem-free before I found the right person. But I’ve learned that only happens in fairytales. Sometimes we can achieve balance by allowing ourselves to be vulnerable and let love in.

Milly C

Dress by Milly from Nordstrom.  


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