Cabo Fashion Crazes

April, 4, 2014

Here’s what greeted me upon my return from vacay. Yikes!

Mountain of Work

After tackling some of my work, I’m dreaming of Cabo. When’s the return flight?!


Since it’s Fashion Friday, I finished my break by compiling Cabo Fashion Crazes for you…

Cabo Fashion Crazes A

Reflect It Out. Cabo is currently covered in reflector sunglasses…so when there is an amazing view, you see it times a gazillion in the lenses of people sporting them.

Cabo Fashion Crazes B

Get Fringy. I mentioned this craze in a prior post, but it bears repeating. If you take a trip here and don’t have your fringe on, you’ll feel left out.

Cabo Fashion Crazes C

Dare to Bare…some stomach. Cropped tops are back in a big way. I saw them in all the restaurants and clubs. This time around, they’re paired with shorts and skirts that skim the waist, or even come a little higher.


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