Buffalo Bills’ Fan-for-Life

December, 6, 2019

The chance purchase of a Sim card unexpectedly led an Amsterdam woman to become a cherished, life-long member of an all-male Bills’ fan club.

  1. Mafalda says:

    Dear Katherine, I follow you from France and I absolutely LOVE your reports.
    This one is great. I’m not a great fan of football, but I have been to soccer and Aussie rules games and I’m planning to go to a rugby game. I love the good vibes, it’s great. Especially in huge stadiums.
    I’m a huge fan of ice hockey and I follow the Vipers from Montpellier. The last game of the season was great and Montpellier won, it was one of the best experiences in the world and all the supporters are so nice, there’s modern music, fireworks, they throw themselves on the ice when they win, hug each other, people hug each other too and the players throw their pallets on the ice so the kids and fan can keep them. Amazing.
    This woman is such a great person and this is such a moving story about the love of sports, fandom, friendship and kindness. Girl power! And I love the fact that they didn’t know she was a woman! Unfortunately soccer is seen as a sport for men in France and women are not really appreciated (the women’s games were watched by a lot of men because of their looks and said it wasn’t a sport for women and mocked them, it’s really outrageous and sad) and I was appalled when I went to the Montpellier-Nîmes soccer game. The fans actually shouted horrible insults at each other and even to the players and waited after the game in order to fight in front of families and little kids. It’s appalling.
    You are such a great reporter, I really admire you. I would have loved to do the same job and you’re so beautiful and professional it’s unreal.Greetings from France and have a nice day!


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