Bring on the Blazers

May, 8, 2015

With a color named Red Samba, you know this Harlowe and Graham blazer can make any girl feel red-hot! I loved all the boyfriend-cut jackets in the music video Uptown Funk, so I just had to get one. Then I noticed that Bruno Mars was wearing a similar style and color to mine in his Ellen appearance. Naturally, I chose to wear it when teaching his dance moves in my last mirrored tutorial. If you haven’t yet learned the dance, here’s my how-to on YouTube.

Bring on the Blazers

Regardless of whether you have a boyfriend or you’re on a man cleanse, the boyfriend jacket is a staple this season. Here are tips for choosing yours: It should appear to be a size larger than you normally wear, with shoulders that fit. Any buttons should start below the bust. Either roll up the sleeves to complete the look, or get a jacket like mine with ruching from the bottom of the sleeve to the elbow. Boyfriend jackets can be worn over everything from a top and leggings to a cocktail dress, so they’re ultra-versatile.


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