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Brigitte Bardot Makeup with a Twist

January, 28, 2014

The inspiration for the Travel Thursday motorcycle photo on my homepage was the steamy, beautiful Brigitte Bardot. I revamped her look by adding a smoky-eye flare that is so popular now.

Brigitte Bardot

I’ve always admired a smoky, cat eye, but every time I tried it, I resembled a wild cat who had just stumbled home from a fight! So for this photo shoot, I knew that I was in serious need of help. Jordan, an acclaimed makeup artist, dished his tips and showed me how to master the look. He has worked at fashion week shows as well as ones for companies like Rusk and BaByliss. In other words, you can’t go wrong with him.


Jordan said that a key to the smoky, cat eye is using a liner that smudges easily. The black-eyed look of a girl who’s been mugged comes on when you apply too much liner, and it won’t smear. He suggests using NARS’ Black Moon Eyeliner Pencil. Apply little bits of it three or four times, and smudge between each application. That way, you can control how dramatic you look.


Another cardinal rule is to never pair bright lips with intense eyes…unless you’re auditioning for the circus or going to a costume party. By using NARS Papua Lip Liner, Bolero Velvet Matte Lip Pencil, and Super Orgasm Lip Gloss, your lips will look luscious but won’t draw attention away from your eyes. And with a name like “Orgasm” you can’t help but look hot!

For finishing touches, the company’s Light Reflecting Powder will leave your skin looking and feeling smooth.


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