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Braid Bar

July, 29, 2014

A friendly place where you grab a drink and mingle with friends is no longer the only kind of bar that’s popular. Braid Bars are trending. I encountered one while passing through Nordstrom. A DJ was remixing the top 40, hairdressers had set up shop next to him, and style mavens were lined up eager to get the hottest braids.

Braid Bar A

Naturally, I joined them and we chatted about the craze while waiting. When it was my turn in a stylist’s chair, I asked for a loose swooping braid ending in a curly ponytail. Here’s what she did and how you can recreate it…

Braid Bar B

This look calls for a French braid following the nape of your neck. First, make a side part and start your braid on the side with the least hair. Begin with three small strands, and do a few rotations of right over middle and left over new middle. As you keep this pattern going, begin adding more hair to the right strand before pulling it over the middle strand. Then combine additional hair to the current left strand and pull it all over the new middle one.

Braid Bar C

Continue your braid until you reach the opposite side. Then use an elastic band to pull the pieces into a low ponytail.

Braid Bar D

This style took all of five minutes to create! I’ve done the look on my own and it didn’t take me much longer. So once you get used to doing French braids, you can get gorgeous hair practically on the go.


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