Black Cod en Papillote

February, 5, 2014

It’s not every day that a girl gets to learn how to cook French cuisine from an award-winning chef. Here are the steps to creating the delicious Black Cod en Papillote. My favorite one is last… Eat it!

Black Cod en Papillote

All you need to impress your friends with this entrée is to follow Jencen’s simple steps.

Here’s your shopping list to make dinner for two: 1) black cod – two fillets, 6 oz. each, 2) one bunch of carrots, 3) one bunch of asparagus, 4) one daikon radish, 5) ¼ cup butter, 6) one tbs. chopped green onion, 7) ¼ cup coconut oil, 8) ¼ tsp. ginger, 9) ½ tsp. smoked paprika, 10) salt to taste 11) one lemon, 12) ¼ cup white wine, 13) extra virgin olive oil, and 14) parchment paper.

First, Jencen created the herb butter with ingredient nos. 5-10, and one tbs. of lemon zest that he grated from the lemon (#11). Then he chopped up the veggies and salted them. You can play around with your choice of veggies. We used carrots, asparagus and daikon…the hues were beautiful together.

Black Cod en Papillote A

Next, we each traced a half oval on a piece of folded parchment paper and cut it out.

Black Cod en Papillote B

The third step was to slightly sauté the carrots in olive oil. Any vegetable you choose that is so dense it will not cook in the parchment paper with the rest of this concoction needs some pre-cooking.


We unfolded our paper and placed our veggies on ½ of it, creating a colorful bed for the fish.

Black Cod en Papillote D

Then we rinsed the cod and laid it on the veggies. Jencen had bought the fish at market that morning, right after it was caught. A top chef wouldn’t settle for less!


We smeared the herb butter on top of the filets.

Black Cod en Papillote F

Then we pushed two slices of lemon into the butter.

Black Cod en Papillote G

And added the wine.


We folded over the parchment paper and crimped the edges to make it airtight.


Then we cooked our creations for 15 minutes at 375°. To test if your fish is done, stick a sharp knife through the parchment. When you open the paper, put your masterpiece on a dish and squeeze your remaining lemon over the cod.

The parchment paper kept all the flavor and moisture trapped inside while everything was cooking. That made our entrées so soft and savory that they practically melted in our mouths!


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