Meeting Men on the Dance Floor

December, 28, 2014

…Becky G Style! With New Year’s Eve – aka a time to dance the night away – coming up, I’m doing my part to help you make it memorable. Today is Meeting Men Monday, and I can’t think of a better way to meet men than on the dance floor. Over the weekend, I posted this choreography tutorial for Can’t Stop Dancin’.

And today I’m breaking down two of Becky G’s flirty dance outfits so you can get your sexy on come Wednesday night…no matter what your budget. One of the looks is straight from her music video for Can’t Stop Dancin’ and the other is from her rehearsal. Combining high-waists with bare midriffs are high on the list of style hits, and this girl does it to perfection.

Becky G Style A

Scrimp. Here are pieces similar to Becky G’s that will make your budget happy. The entire outfit rings up for under $70, accessories and all! Topshop is at the top of the list for the cropped trend. I’ve paired their best with floral shorts and yellow bangles from other lines.

Becky G Style B

Then there’s Becky G’s seductive little rehearsal ensemble. Who else could be so alluring while sweating out a song in a dance studio? As you can tell, this lady knows her crop tops.

Becky G Style C

Splurge. The Wolford leggings I found that are similar to the songbird’s are much pricier than anything in Scrimp, but verifiably figure-flattering. And I can attest to the fact that every piece this company makes is of supreme quality—which means that your fashion investment here will pay off because their clothes stay looking fresh for a long time.

I have worn Wolford leggings everywhere from swinging upside on a silk trapeze to dancing the night away at a party, and they have yet to let me down. If you can, stop by one of their stores to test the selection. Since a pair of Wolford’s leggings can cost over $200, it’s important to take your time with this decision, and there is no way better than in person.

I didn’t see a crop top in Wolford’s current line, but Nasty Gal has one similar to Becky G’s for $48. It has a shape-enhancing bandage design, low neckline, cap sleeves, and all the stretch a dancin’ gal could want.

If you decide to pop for the Wolford leggings but need to save more on your overall outfit, try a dance-friendly black crop top from Discount Dance. They have one for under $20. The sleeves are a little longer than Becky G’s and the neck is higher, but you can get your dance on just as well—the brand name says it all.

Becky G Style D

As the legendary James Brown said, “The one thing that can solve most of our problems is dancing.” I hope you can make it part of your New Year’s Eve plans.


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