Beauty Magic for Girls on the Go

May, 1, 2017

That’s the 7-in-1 Facial Massager & Cleanser from those cool and creative wizards at Grace & Stella. And, as always, their product is so reasonably priced. You can treat yourself to an even lower price by getting the coupon code G&S is letting me pass on.

Beauty Magic for Girls on the Go A

Don’t be deceived by the tag “Massager & Cleanser” in the name of this tool. It does so much more than that. As you can see, I used this petite, portable gem to apply my foundation before dashing off to a meeting. While in my car, no less! Don’t roll your eyes. It’s not just me and other ladies who indulge in such multi-tasking. I once spied a guy shaving at a stoplight!

Beauty Magic for Girls on the Go B

Before the foundation, I used my 7-in-1 to apply serum and moisturizer to my dry face. Afterwards, I added blush. That made me look and feel as if I’d just started the day, even though it was mid-afternoon and I had begun working before the sun came up.

Beauty Magic for Girls on the Go C

When I got home that night, I pulled out my trusty 7-in-1 again to remove my makeup, and massage and clean my skin…from head-to-toe. I even used the pumice application afterwards for my pedi. I’m so glad Grace & Stella sent me this product to review. I LOVE IT! It’s so reasonably-priced that I’m going to give one to Mom for MOTHER’S DAY. You can delight your mom with this gift too—and have enough money left over to buy one for yourself!!

Beauty Magic for Girls on the Go D



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