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How to Date a Baseball Hunk

August, 18, 2014

Today, for Meeting Men Monday, I asked my friend Chandler some of the dating questions that I’ve received from you girls. Get ready, because he was 100% candid. That’s why I love him. This guy will never give you a sugarcoated answer.

Chandler A

Chandler plays baseball for Saint Martin’s University and I can testify that he’s a campus hottie. Girlfriends of mine who are still in college are crazy about him.

Chandler B

Before answering my questions, Chandler helped me sneak onto a baseball field.

Chandler C

After he lifted me over the fence, he gave me his dating 411 as he tried to whip me into baseball shape.

Chandler D

Later this week, I’ll post a funny video of our Baseball Boot Camp, but now it’s time to chat about what Chandler says turns men on starting with…

The Power of Yoga Pants. Chandler’s a fan of whoever invented them. In his words, “A guy responds to a girl wearing yoga pants the same way that girls say they respond to a guy wearing baseball pants. HOT!” In Chandler’s mind, any girl’s body instantly looks more toned and appealing the second she throws them on. And he firmly believes, “Girls know exactly what they’re doing to guys when they wear them.”

Fitness First. I’ve featured men on my site who are attracted to women of all shapes and sizes, but Chandler is more into athletic girls. He says that he likes slender ones, “preferably with about a 20 body mass index or lower.” Whew, it’s a good thing that Chandler and I are just friends. I have no idea what my BMI is, but given my extreme love for ice cream, I’d say I’m out of bounds:)

Not Just Looks. Even though Chandler loves a girl who is fit, not being personable is a date-breaker. Having charisma and a good laugh are important items on this baseball player’s relationship list.

Over-Texting is a Turnoff. To Chandler, a girl who is a prime carpal tunnel candidate due to over-texting a guy is a turnoff. He wants a woman who shows she likes him without being overbearing.

It’s in the Kiss. Chandler says that the way a girl kisses him tells a lot about the chemistry they have. He confided that he uses “moderate to high amounts of tongue.” I told you this interview was candid:) And he likes a girl who is an active participant in the kissing department. Ladies, Chandler said that the worst is when he “sticks” his “tongue into a girl’s mouth and it’s an empty abyss.”

Chandler E

Thanks, Chandler, for giving us your dating insights and showing me some baseball moves!


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