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Around the World with DVF

November, 13, 2014

You might be wondering why this Travel Thursday is focusing on a fashion designer. It’s because her iconic wares are sold throughout the world, and you can find them at


It’s also because the journey to her first success, at about the age of 27, took her through several countries. Diane was born to wealthy parents in Brussels, educated in Switzerland, wed to an Austro-Italian prince, and initiated into the world of revolutionary fashion designers in New York, from the dining room of her Park Avenue apartment.


I featured her fashion show yesterday, for Wild Card Wednesday. The only thing missing from the event was Diane herself. After learning about her, I just had to bring her back. The Nordstrom exec who invited me has had the privilege of entertaining many top designers—but says that Diane stands out in the crowd as one of the most refreshingly genuine. She has an effulgent smile that lights up everyone’s day. And she pours as much heart and soul into greeting fans as she does into creating her designs. When small children want to say hi, she’s known to crouch down to their level and treat them with the same respect as socialites, celebrities, and world leaders.


At the age of 67, Diane has proven to be a woman of power with a mind of creative brilliance and a heart full of compassion.


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