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Amy Adams Golden Globe Hair Tutorial

January, 14, 2014

American Hustle’s Amy Adams didn’t have to hustle anyone at the Golden Globes to make everyone fall in love with her. The best-actress award-winner is full of charm, beauty and talent.

1-14-14 A

After watching the ceremony, I played around and discovered the steps for recreating Amy’s alluring hairstyle. There are only four, and anyone can follow them.

1-14-14 B

The first step is to part your hair in the middle and make a high ponytail—but leave out four chunks of hair in the front for braids…each about an inch and a half wide. Two sections come at the top of your head, and the other two are right above your ears. Make a simple reverse braid with each section.


On each side, the braids start at your hairline and come together at your ponytail, where you pin them in place.


Third, divide your ponytail into one-inch strands. Loop and pin each one. This does not have to be exacting. One of the appeals of Amy’s hairstyle is that it looks intricate, yet effortless.


Fourth, leave out a one-centimeter strand of hair at one side of the base of your updo. Braid it and pin in place.


Once I uncovered the secrets to recreating Amy’s hair, I just couldn’t stop there! I found a red dress with a similar cut…Laundry by Shelli Segal. Right now it’s priced over 2/3rds off! I know, with it I didn’t take the (neckline) plunge quite like Amy, but who can compete with her?! I didn’t even try.

1-14-14 G

Tomorrow, for Wild Card Wednesday, I’ll cover more Golden Globes looks.


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