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Always a Class Act

October, 27, 2014

“I just want to make beautiful clothes.” That’s what Oscar de la Renta once said. When he passed last Monday, this legendary fashion designer had consistently and famously reached his goal for more than four decades.

Oscar de la Renta A

Some people possess the combination of talent, drive and personality that cannot be overlooked. That was Mr. de la Renta. He was born into humble circumstances in the Dominican Republic. At the age of 18, he went to Spain to study painting. His work caught the eye of the U.S. ambassador’s wife, who asked him to make a dress for her daughter. The dress appeared on the cover of LIFE magazine, his fashion career began, and he never looked back.

Oscar de la Renta B

Oscar de la Renta C

In his final month, Mr. de la Renta dressed Amal Alamuddin for her marriage to George Clooney, and first lady Michelle Obama for a White House cocktail party.

Oscar de la Renta D

Throughout his career, no major red carpet event seemed to be complete without some luminaries donning his frocks. His clothes were so important on episodes of Sex and the City that he could have been considered part of the supporting cast.

Oscar de la Renta E

Oscar de la Renta F

He will be missed.


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