Aloha Friends

June, 9, 2014

You’ve all heard of island fever. Well, I was getting a little of what I call, “mainland fever” in anticipation for heading off to Oahu. I couldn’t wait to arrive. I felt like the little kid on our flight who asked her mom, “Are we there yet?” before the plane even took off:)

Aloha A

Shortly after landing, I had an event to attend and wore my new Eliza J dress. It turned out to be an ideal pick. The weather forecast switched from “clear” to “evening downpour.” Not like I cared. After all, I was in Hawaii! A little rain wasn’t going to stop me from having fun.

Aloha B

I’d planned on creating a fancy updo, but that wouldn’t have survived the elements, and I didn’t want to inconvenience my group by lugging around an umbrella. So instead, I let my hair drip-dry, threw in Ouidad Sea Spray, and had a terrific time. Yes, I was caught in a tropical deluge, but as you can see from these post-rain pics, my relaxed hairstyle held up and my gown was made of material that didn’t water-spot.

I paired my Eliza J gown with a Nadri bracelet

Aloha C

…and Badgley Mischka heels. They look fussy, but they’re so comfortable that you could dance the night away in them! You know I can never attend an event without hitting the dance floor:)

Aloha D

So, on this Meeting Men Monday, I’m sharing a tip from that evening. Everyone in my group said that they had such a great time. It could have been otherwise. If I’d stuck with the fancy updo and put a damper on the evening by trying to dodge the downpour, I would have been a total date spoiler. I think it’s always more important to help people have a good time than to look perfect.

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