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April Book Proceeds Go To Japan Tsunami Relief

March, 31, 2011

Here are pictures from Wednesday’s University of Washington book event benefiting Japanese Earthquake/Tsunami Relief. I have a deep-seeded belief in the importance of philanthropy. Since my book came out, I’ve regularly done events on behalf of children’s charities. The recent devastation in Japan is so great that I added this cause. I appreciate everyone who participated last night, but I realize that only a limited number of girls had the opportunity and there is much that needs to be done. In addition to the destruction we have all witnessed, tap water is contaminated, energy is critically low, buildings are unheated, factories are closed, garbage trucks are without gasoline, and radioactive water has come within a yard of an outlet spilling to the sea. As a result, I’ve decided to donate my proceeds from all my book sales during the month of April to the Red Cross. That way anyone anywhere can contribute. There are many wonderful organizations helping Japan. I chose this one because what is needed most now is the flexibility of cash donations to a charity with a well-organized network already in place within this country. They know the priorities firsthand and have the capability of receiving and putting the funds to good use right away.

April Book Proceeds Go To Japan Tsunami Relief

April Book Proceeds Go To Japan Tsunami Relief

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