A Warm Thanks to All of You

November, 27, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving, darlings! Some people double-fist their drinks. Well, I double-hand my pumpkin pie:) And I wore this tribal print dress to do it in because I always find a way to honor Native Americans on Thanksgiving. After all, we would not have had that first holiday without them.

Happy Thanksgiving

Before continuing the celebration, I’m stopping to thank every one of you who has gone ut of your way to be supportive—starting with the ladies who gave me their incredible stories for my book, followed by those who shared their hopes and joys at book-signings, and continuing with those who have left heart-warming online messages and done regular “likes” on my pages. I have gotten to know you all, and am so happy every time I see your names. I wouldn’t wake up each day excited to blog if it weren’t for you.

You might be wondering what this post has to do with travel. Well, one of my favorite Thanksgiving stories involves the Apple Pan, a little restaurant that has been on Pico Boulevard in Los Angeles since 1947.

Apple Pan

I’m thrilled to be sharing this Thanksgiving with family. But if for any reason you’re unable to have a traditional dinner with loved ones, that doesn’t mean you have to skip the fun. One of my mom’s favorite Thanksgivings happened when she was single and living in LA. She had been asked to take over a big trial starting right after the holiday. She could see that those handling it were in a major bind, so she spent the day in the office preparing the case. When she was satisfied that it was on the right course, she stopped by Apple Pan for pumpkin pie. While she savored every bite, she made friends with strangers who were picking up their pies. As she explained, “Pie never tasted so good. Life is what you make it, regardless of your circumstance.”


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