A Fun and Fabulous Must-Read for Any Single Woman!

June, 27, 2011


Amazon Review

…This is the title of the following Amazon customer review of my book:

Katherine Chloe Cahoon shows us that it IS possible for any average, confident woman to turn her vacation into a plot from a favorite Romantic Comedy. Not only is this book witty and entertaining, Cahoon’s Vanderbilt education is evident in her style of writing. She defies any stereotypes or ill-conceived notions that women cannot be simultaneously intelligent, fun-loving, and attractive. Cahoon is all three, and so much more. She is not only worldly and well-traveled; she knows just how to have a good time under any circumstance and how to make any moment into a lifelong memory.

Cahoon’s blog, Facebook page, and website are also well worth a look. She frequently posts cute and clever videos chronicling her experiences with European men and giving advice on how to catch and hold their attention on our own travels abroad. Katherine Chloe Cahoon’s book, blog, and videos are necessities for single, stylish, spunky girls of any age. This book is destined to become the modern single girl’s dating handbook. In an age where women are more fun-loving and independent than ever, Cahoon tells us how to get everything we want out of life, whether it’s love eternal or just some fun experiences. If you haven’t already purchased this book, don’t waste any more time!

  1. Helen says:

    “If you haven’t already purchased this book, don’t waste any more time!”–Well put review! KCC, I gave my friend your book for a b-day gift. She fell in love with it and European men!

  2. Louise says:

    Definitely a must read! This review got it exactly right!

  3. Sara says:

    Meeting European Men is a goldmine of flirting tips, fun stories and great places to visit! It was past time for someone to write this book!

  4. Taylor says:

    This is a spot-on review! I agree!

  5. GlobeTrotting Girl says:

    This globe trotting girl wants a hot romance on her next vacay! ordering your book now!


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