July, 3, 2017

Comic fans were so excited about Cheyenne’s Comi Con, that CBS NewsChannel 5 sent me to cover the Denver Comic Con as well. And since these two cities are so close to each other, a lot of locals got two servings of cosplay. Lou Ferrigno, the title character from The Incredible Hulk, also attended both events.

Denver Comic Con Lou Ferrigno (The Hulk) & KCC A

In Denver, the first group I bonded with were these zombies. They are Umbrella Corporation, a group that cos plays as characters from Resident Evil, to raise money for charities.

Denver Comic Con KCC with Zombies B

Denver Comic Con is put on by Pop Culture Classroom. As you can probably tell from their title, this is a nonprofit that supports education. They teach storytelling through comics and graphic novels by using science, technology, engineering, arts, and math. April O’Neal covered it all.

Denver Comic Con April O’Neal costume in front of curtain C

Comic Con gives you a chance to cut loose, assume a fantasy persona, make lasting friendships with like-minded fun-lovers, and learn valuable information that you can use in the future.

These Pirates Told Tales

June, 18, 2017

According to Variety, “ Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales” exceeded $500 mil at the global box office in early June.

These Pirates Told Tales K

In honor of this, I’m taking us back to the real pirates of the Pacific. They hid out in the Sea of Cortez, and stashed their treasures in the cave at Cabo.

These Pirates Told Tales H

To them, this was the Gold Coast. To hear their story Visit
These Pirates Told Tales L

Nostalgia is Never Out of Style

June, 12, 2017

Say it isn’t so!!! Landmark Theaters has abruptly closed Seattle’s Seven Gables and Guild 45th.

Nostalgia is Never Out of Style A

Both places have served up an eclectic mix of indie films, foreign imports, and avant-garde flicks, stirred together with new releases—since well before I was born.

Nostalgia is Never Out of Style B

The photo above is of the Seven Gables, and the one above that is of me in the theater’s sitting room. Built in 1925 in Seattle’s U District – that’s short for “University of Washington” for all of you nonnatives – it become known as “the house above the Italian restaurant.” And I’m sure you can guess why. Well, the Italian eatery is still there, but the graffiti-covered building across the street featured in the pic below isn’t.

Nostalgia is Never Out of Style C

This history of this edifice is typical of the Seattle culture. When it was marked for demolition, local teens, college students, and graffiti artists converged. The kind-hearted developer and community-minded police indulged their desire to make it a shrine to creativity before bringing in the wrecking crew. The spray-paint brigade brought me into their fold for a photo shoot, and my dad clicked the shutter. That’s him in the pic above.

Nostalgia is Never Out of Style D

The pic above is of the Guild 45th. It was built in 1919, in Wallingford, just west of the Gables. Francis Ford Coppola has often chosen the Guild for test-audience screenings.

Nostalgia is Never Out of Style E

You might think life is over for the Seattle lover of laissez-faire theater. Well, we still have the Grand Illusion (below), host to people like Quentin Tarantino, and others who walk on the wild side, as well as beat poets, professors, tech entrepreneurs, and hedge fund managers. Basically, Seattle makes room for everyone.

Nostalgia is Never Out of Style FNostalgia is Never Out of Style G

Make Your Bank Account Happy with Maybelline

May, 28, 2017

If you’re looking to save money, but want to be on-trend with quality makeup products, try Maybelline. It’s one of my favorite reasonably-priced brands. And the 24k Nudes wins the versatility award. I’ve blogged about this palette before, but it’s worth looping back around to…especially if you live somewhere on the cusp of summer, and want to soak up the sun with a new look.

Maybelline AMaybelline B

In just one small case, you get a whopping twelve different shades, all for only about $12. The colors range from eggplant to cream, gold, and brown. Combining them can create a variety of beautiful looks for any complexion.

Maybelline CMaybelline D

I believe in 100% honesty, so I’ll give you the total scoop. In my opinion, this pick, can look as flawless as the expensive brands. The one downfall I’ve found is that it wears off faster if you’re in a humid environment. This isn’t the palette I’d choose for dancing the night away; however, for everyday activities it’s amazing.

Maybelline E

Who Has You Covered for Dress-Up Events?

May, 21, 2017

That would be Ted Baker! What I love about this line is how Ted always has me covered, no matter what the occasion calls for…or the weather brings!

Who Has You Covered for Dress-Up Events Ted Baker AWho Has You Covered for Dress-Up Events Ted Baker BWho Has You Covered for Dress-Up Events Ted Baker C

Since moving to Wyoming, I have experienced the full spectrum of atmospheric conditions—from warm and sunny to cold and snowy. I’ve even learned that we can have a snowstorm in mid-May! So, as a reporter, on any given day I can either be required to trek out in mud and snow, or attend a fancy banquet…or both. I enjoy all these adventures, but to go on them, I have to be prepared to dress for any occasion with little notice.

Who Has You Covered for Dress-Up Events Ted Baker D

I’ve found that dress-up outfits are often sleeveless or short-sleeved. And I’ve learned that those styles don’t work for interviewing people during a fancy event when Spring has delivered an unexpected winter wonderland.

Who Has You Covered for Dress-Up Events Ted Baker EWho Has You Covered for Dress-Up Events Ted Baker FWho Has You Covered for Dress-Up Events Ted Baker G

That’s where Ted Baker comes in handy. I got this little number from his sale rack. It’s perfect for a dress-up occasion when the thermometer takes a nosedive—complete with long sleeves and thick material. Ted Baker does dress-up right. You can find a variety of styles in his line that fit a variety of temperatures.


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