Timeless Spring Style

March, 20, 2018

It’s official. According to the calendar, spring has arrived! So regardless of whether your weather agrees, we can all start thinking about what to wear as our winter clothes migrate to the back of the closet. In honor of the first day of spring, I’m dusting off my still-fashionable fair-weather frocks, and including links to current, similar pieces.

Floral Fashion: Whether you’re tiptoeing through the tulips or enjoying a lunch date, florals are a perennial favorite.

Spring Fashion Throwbacks

Timeless Spring Style-KatherineChloeCahoon C

Timeless Spring Style-KatherineChloeCahoon D

Timeless Spring Style-KatherineChloeCahoon E

Timeless Spring Style-KatherineChloeCahoon F

Timeless Spring Style-KatherineChloeCahoon G

Fresh floral dresses in similar styles:

Bold Colors: A little black dress may be classic, but this spring is all about wearing colors that stand out. A strong red is right on.

Timeless Spring Style-KatherineChloeCahoon H

Timeless Spring Style-KatherineChloeCahoon I

Similar short-sleeved red dress for Spring 2018:

Long, Flowing Dresses: From traveling on vacation to lounging at home, the flowy dress is a lasting fashion statement.

Timeless Spring Style-KatherineChloeCahoon J

Timeless Spring Style-KatherineChloeCahoon K

Timeless Spring Style-KatherineChloeCahoon L

Timeless Spring Style-KatherineChloeCahoon M

Timeless Spring Style-KatherineChloeCahoon N

Timeless Spring Style-KatherineChloeCahoon O

Timeless Spring Style-KatherineChloeCahoon P

Similar long dress that won’t break your budget.

The Governor’s Arts Award Goes To…

February, 16, 2018

The incredible Leslie O’Hashi, owner of Bodyline Dance Theatre.

Leslie is one of the first people I met upon moving to Wyoming almost a year ago to work as an anchor/reporter for CBS NewsChannel 5. I heard about Leslie when she lost her grant for a dance program that miraculously helped kids with disabilities.


Right then, I decided that one of my first stories at Channel 5 should be about Bodyline. My goal was to help Leslie receive another grant. I was so touched at how much dance meant to the students in this program, many of whom couldn’t express themselves through words. Movement was their main form of communication.

Fast forward about nine months… The program is back up and running! My story included a cry for help to keep it going. Leslie’s cousin answered the call. He used my CBS news piece to nominate her for the Governor’s Arts Award…and she won!!!

The award includes a grant. Now Leslie’s program has the funds to continue helping children with disabilities express themselves and develop their talents through their love of dance.

The Scarf is Your BFF in Winter

January, 21, 2018

If you regularly brave variable winter weather, you know a scarf is the must-have accessory. I learned this tip by moving to Wyoming, the land of gyrating barometers. We have can endure a blizzard one day and enjoy tropical weather the next. My survival tactic is providing a permanent spot in my car for a scarf.

1-22-18 E

My love affair with scarves began about six weeks ago. It was the first time I had reported at an armed standoff. Or, let’s be honest, the first time I’d been anywhere near an armed standoff…unless you count sitting in the movie theater watching one of the Fast & Furious films.

1-22-18 C

And my close encounter occurred in a snow storm, no less! When the day started, I couldn’t have foreseen any of this! After being outside for hours filming the unfolding drama, I had to broadcast the climax live. By then, although, I had worn fleece leggings and a thermal top, my neck was frozen.

1-22-18 F

That’s when I learned to always have a scarf on hand.

1-22-18 B

One of my winter favorites is this classic Burberry cashmere.

1-22-18 D

This trench coat was my mom’s. She bought it when she was my age, which proves that the Burberry brand is enduring! Several years ago, we were having dinner on a winter night, seated next to the window at Seattle’s Space Needle. The panoramic view was beautiful, but I was cold, so she gave me her coat. I’ve worn it ever since.

1-22-18 H

Come to think of it, I have a long tradition of wearing her clothes. Here I am at about 1 ½ years, all dressed up in her heels and hat, getting her handbag ready so we can go out shopping.

1-22-18 G

May the Year 2018 Shine Bright for You

December, 31, 2017

One of the reasons why I love walking the lighted paths of Denver’s Botanic Gardens during the holidays is that every step is a total surprise. You never know what visual delight is right around the corner, even if you’ve planned out every single step… And that is like life!




If someone had told me that I’d be moving to Wyoming from Washington in 2017, I wouldn’t have believed them. But here I am and loving it!



I had the job interview for my current position with CBS NewsChannel 5 almost a year ago under bizarre circumstances. I had a terrible ear infection. The only time that the news director could conduct a phone interview with me was just before my appointment with the ENT, so I had to hold it in the waiting room!



Two weeks later, I was in Wyoming, moved in, and learning how to navigate the anchor desk. It was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.



In years past, I’ve made specific resolutions. Because of this experience, my 2018 resolution is to do what feels right and embrace life’s changes.


I hope this year brings you lots of fabulous surprises.

Home for the Holidays

December, 22, 2017

For as long as I can remember, I have been home in Seattle for the holidays enjoying our trademark Cahoon traditions. These include joining the happy throngs celebrating nightly at Snowflake Lane.

Christmas A

Christmas B

Christmas C

enjoying Christmas dinner at the stunning, historic Fairmont Olympic,

Christmas D



riding the downtown carousal,

Christmas G

Christmas H


Christmas I

sipping hot chocolate while wandering in and out of the vendors at Pike Place Market, and being a Secret Santa to a family in need.

Christmas J

Christmas K

Christmas L

This marks the first year that I will not be able to join in those traditions. I’m working over the holidays as an anchor, reporter, and producer for CBS NewsChannel 5, but I still feel like I’m home for the holidays. It’s just a new home…Wyoming…and with new friends who have become like family, and new traditions!

Christmas M

Throughout this holiday season, I’ve had fun exploring one of my favorite towns, Fort Collins, Colorado. I take a dance class there every week, and afterwards, I usually have dinner in the old, historic section of town. Then I take a walk through this magical land of cobblestones overhung with lights and beautiful skies.

Christmas N


Christmas O

Christmas P

At this time of year, festive decorations and Santa villages add to the charm.

Christmas Q

Christmas R

Christmas S

On Christmas Eve, I’ll be anchoring two shows with some of the best co-workers anyone could ever have…and we will be broadcasting to one of the most loving communities I’ve ever experienced.

Christmas T

Sweater from Charter Club Women’s Cashmere


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