Straight Off the Press

October, 17, 2016

The Bellevue Reporter asked me to write an article about the recent world premiere of my short film in Toronto. If you’d like to learn the story behind “In Memory Of,” how it came together, and my secret to pulling late-night editing sessions, read this brief memoir…

bellevue-reporter-articleIt was a privilege to be featured in the Bellevue Reporter. I have lived in many places, but to me, downtown Bellevue is home. It is an international metropolis, a magnet for young professionals, and “a city in a park.”

Guess Who Got to Meet Woody Harrelson…

October, 14, 2016

…Rooney Mara and Sarah Rafferty? That would be me!!

My Toronto trip felt like movie magic. With the Toronto International and Toronto Independent film festivals both running, the town was filled with celebrities and excited theater-goes. Incredibly, my short film, “In Memory Of,” had its world premiere to a sold-out crowd! I got to attend several other screenings, brush shoulders (literally!) with celebrities, and receive private tours of favorite haunts from locals. Just watch and see the magnetic pull of Toronto!

Fashion, with Love, from India

October, 9, 2016

You caught a glimpse of this top in my last video, but I wanted to devote a full post to it because the backstory is so much fun. On my first morning in Toronto, I decided to take a stroll around the block before getting ready for the day. Being an avid explorer and adventure-seeker, I couldn’t keep my jaunt to just a block. Pretty soon, I was thoroughly lost, but having a terrific time and making new friends.


That’s when I happened onto an adorable little market with handmade items from India. The woman running it was especially charming. I couldn’t resist trying on some of her pieces. While I did, she offered style tips and divulged little nuggets of wisdom like… “Cake is really good, but too much of it gives you a stomach ache. I would know.”


Then, even though my college days are past, she decided to give me the “college discount.” My top came in at the grand total of $10! I know, big spender! And I got two summery skirts that will be great for cruise season. Each was only $5.

Fortunately, while I was in Toronto the weather was enormously warm, so I got to trot out my new pieces.

Traveling in Style

October, 6, 2016

In this video, I’m showing what I wore the evening I got into Toronto for the first premiere that I attended. The next morning, I went on a stroll before getting ready and stumbled upon an adorable market selling handmade pieces from India. I just couldn’t resist buying some of them. The shop ladies became my stylists. Then other customers joined in. We all had the best time! Here I’m showing some of those fashions too.

Eliza J Lace Dress:

Louise et Cie Pumps:

Zella Leggins:

TOMS’ Wedges: