Who Has You Covered for Dress-Up Events?

May, 21, 2017

That would be Ted Baker! What I love about this line is how Ted always has me covered, no matter what the occasion calls for…or the weather brings!

Who Has You Covered for Dress-Up Events Ted Baker AWho Has You Covered for Dress-Up Events Ted Baker BWho Has You Covered for Dress-Up Events Ted Baker C

Since moving to Wyoming, I have experienced the full spectrum of atmospheric conditions—from warm and sunny to cold and snowy. I’ve even learned that we can have a snowstorm in mid-May! So, as a reporter, on any given day I can either be required to trek out in mud and snow, or attend a fancy banquet…or both. I enjoy all these adventures, but to go on them, I have to be prepared to dress for any occasion with little notice.

Who Has You Covered for Dress-Up Events Ted Baker D

I’ve found that dress-up outfits are often sleeveless or short-sleeved. And I’ve learned that those styles don’t work for interviewing people during a fancy event when Spring has delivered an unexpected winter wonderland.

Who Has You Covered for Dress-Up Events Ted Baker EWho Has You Covered for Dress-Up Events Ted Baker FWho Has You Covered for Dress-Up Events Ted Baker G

That’s where Ted Baker comes in handy. I got this little number from his sale rack. It’s perfect for a dress-up occasion when the thermometer takes a nosedive—complete with long sleeves and thick material. Ted Baker does dress-up right. You can find a variety of styles in his line that fit a variety of temperatures.

Comic Con Craze

May, 15, 2017

When I heard that Cheyenne was having a Comic Con, there was no way I wasn’t going to be there. Coming up with a costume was an easy choice. Since I’m a reporter for CBS News, April O’Neil was hands-down my top pick.

Comic Con Craze April O'Neil AComic Con Craze April O'Neil B

I was fortunate to be assigned to cover these events. Some people didn’t realize that I was actually a reporter. They thought I was going all-out with my costume…professional camera, microphone, and all! The fun happened last weekend. Anyone going to a Comic Con soon?

Dancing Through Cheyenne

May, 11, 2017

The week I moved to Cheyenne, one of the first people I met was the mayor, Marian Orr. When I asked what she was most proud of about the city, she listed her favorites without hesitation. Prominent among them was Ballet Wyoming. Mayor Orr explained that we have talented artists running this company, and the dancers are chosen through a rigorous vetting process. So naturally, when my CBS News Director asked for May Sweeps ideas, I immediately thought of the Ballet. Here is my feature:

After doing these interviews and meeting the dancers, I couldn’t let their production of Midsummer Night’s Dream come and go without seeing it. This picture was taken on my way to the theater. I knew I wouldn’t be disappointed because I had seen a rehearsal—and I wasn’t. If you’re ever in Cheyenne, I recommend catching a Ballet Wyoming performance.

Dancing Through Cheyenne

Historic Houses on the Move

May, 9, 2017

My News Director and I had quite the adventure chasing moving houses!

Three historic houses were being moved across town at a pretty slow speed. That is, until it was time for my live shot. Then, for that brief period, the pace picked up so fast that we were racing after the houses because we wanted them to be in the live feature.

We finally caught up, but couldn’t get close enough without crawling on the dirt under a fence while carrying our equipment. We barely got set up just in time for my News Director to say, “cue.” Here’s the result! There aren’t many News Directors who would go to that length to help their reporter get an interesting story.


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