Cinderella Style

July, 26, 2016

Every girl deserves to go to the ball, and every girl can look like a princess in the emerging Cinderella style. Whoever coined the phrase, “history repeats itself,” was right. No matter how old we get, we can throw on that choker, twist our hair into an up-do, and recapture our childhood feeling of channeling Cinderella…and now you can be on fashion’s cutting edge when you do. Cinderella wears a choker around her neck plus a hair embellishment. This summer’s it-choker sparkles, and you can wear it either around your neck or in your hair… It’s easy to pin in place.

Cinderella Style (Katherine Chloe Cahoon) A

Cinderella Style (Katherine Chloe Cahoon) B

Cinderella Style (Katherine Chloe Cahoon) C

Choker by Cristabelle.

Maybelline Makeup Tutorial…

July, 25, 2016

…using a palette that features twelve compatible shades for less than $10! To me, that’s like winning the Cosmetics Lotto!!

Here are all the products that I used in this tutorial:

Maybelline COLOR TATTOO:



Maybelline THE ROCK NUDES:





A Gentleman’s Guide to Love and Murder

July, 22, 2016

This musical has won four Tony Awards, and I could have won an award for bursting into laughter as I enjoyed the comedy of errors and misdeeds it created through witty banter, punctuated facial expressions made to match the music, and lavish costumes. But I was far from the only audience member laughing…. There was a frequent hum in the air at the Fifth Avenue from continual chuckles, and the actors had to pause frequently for the buzz to die down before delivering their lines. This celebrated play, based on Roy Horniman’s cheeky 1907 novel, The Autobiography of a Criminal, and inspired by the movie, King of Heart and Coronets is a no-miss.

A Gentleman’s Guide to Love and Murder A

A Gentleman’s Guide to Love and Murder B

This theater image released by The O+M Company shows Bryce Pinkham, left, and Jefferson Mays during a performance of "A Gentleman's Guide to Love and Murder," at the Walter Kerr Theatre in New York. (AP Photo/The O+M Company, Joan Marcus)

Flower Hair Ideas

July, 19, 2016

In my ballet days, I used to pick flowers from my garden and intertwine them in my bun. I decided to bring back the look, but for an everyday hair style. Here are some tips.

Think Small. The more compact the flowers, the better. Using tight buds works best because otherwise your petals can float off throughout the day. I especially found this to be true when dancing. Having pedals fly across the floor while pirouetting wasn’t the look I was going for!

Forgo the Prickle. My friend Kylee did my hair for these pictures and she’s always thinking. Before putting the roses into my hair, she took a scissor and trimmed off all the thorns from the stems.

Spray Before Pinning. Hair spray will cause the flowers to wither prematurely, so I always spray my hair before pinning the flowers in.

Flower Hair Ideas - Katherine Chloe Cahoon A

Flower Hair Ideas - Katherine Chloe Cahoon B

Flower Hair Ideas - Katherine Chloe Cahoon C

Flower Hair Ideas - Katherine Chloe Cahoon D

Flower Hair Ideas - Katherine Chloe Cahoon E

Flower Hair Ideas - Katherine Chloe Cahoon F

Flower Hair Ideas - Katherine Chloe Cahoon G

Intro to Salsa Dancing

July, 19, 2016

Today, I’m taking you along on my first official salsa lesson! Everything in this video is completely un-choreographed. My instructor just led me into the steps. If you watch, you’ll learn the basic moves so that you, too, can hit the dance floor with salsa confidence!