International News

May, 19, 2024

This report contains candid images a United Nations ambassador gave me from footage that she swiftly tossed in her handbag as she fled from invading troops seeking her life. An Indonesian army was attacking Timor-Leste, a small Southeast Asian country, while she was overseeing the Timorese’ vote on independence after over 400 years of captivity. On May 20, Timor-Leste celebrates 22 years of sovereignty.

In 2018, I first studied this island nation while preparing to interview young Timor-Leste delegates for a CBS story covering their visit to the United States. That report went viral in their country, and the Timorese invited me to cover last year’s historic parliamentary election between two leaders considered resistance-era heroes. That time, my report trended internationally. This would not have been possible without the help of the Timorese and Debra Lee, the ambassador who risked her life in their vote for independence, and said, “They are the bravest people I’ve worked with.”

Looking to the Future While Keeping the Memory Alive

May, 10, 2024

It has been nearly two years since the horrific, racially-driven mass shooting took the lives of loved ones at a Tops supermarket in Buffalo, New York. Residents continue to honor them and enrich their city. On that sad day, Lieutenant Aaron Salter Jr. gave his life to save the lives of others. Creating this story about the victims and how Western New Yorkers are keeping their memories alive, was very personal for me. I had covered stories for the news in the neighborhood where this tragedy occurred many times and the people there were always so welcoming. Lieutenant Salter even went out of his way to make sure I stayed safe as I filmed a story on a busy street. Starting this weekend, through June 24, there will be a 5K race, a celebrity golf tournament, and a gala to raise funds for a charity which honors the victims by helping Buffalo’s rising generation.

Restoring a Beloved Historic Building

March, 15, 2024

For this story, I followed the restoration of a century-old Buffalo building that has attracted travelers from around the world! Watching the work of these skilled preservationists felt like going on a treasure hunt, as they chipped away old drywall and discovered elaborate artifacts hidden underneath. Supplemental photos in my report came from The Buffalo History Museum, Jason Yots, Tom Yots and Preservation Studios.

Hidden Building Takes Us Back to the Past

February, 22, 2024

This is the first time I have animated an entire news report! For years, this Buffalo building, steeped in history, has been hidden underneath a plain façade. Few realized that it was a treasure designed by the first-know female architect and used to help lead the Black Arts Movement. In this report, I bring the building to life by combining my own animation with current footage and archival images from Preservation Studios. Restoration experts from that company are collaborating with Common Bond Real Estate and Urban Vantage to bring the building back to its original state. Recently, motion graphics have become more prominent in newscasts, and although every station I have worked at has had animators, I wanted to learn these skills for myself to help my news team when needed. I loved interviewing the talented preservationists and artists showcased in this piece!

Legendary Musician Paved the Way for Black Artists

February, 21, 2024

“They were thirsting for somewhere to show what they did, other than in their kitchens to their neighbors.” This is a quote from an interview I conducted with the legendary musician, Ron Carter. He sat down with me to describe what it was like for Black artists in the 1970s, and the discrimination they faced due to their race. This multi-Grammy award-winning performer said he traveled every week, on his only day off, from Manhattan to Buffalo to teach Black musicians and help them thrive. The building where Carter taught them also welcomed other renowned Black artists like Alvin Ailey dancers. Preservationists are restoring the structure so this history will live on. Tomorrow, I will post my full story.


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