Dancing En Pointe After Fourteen Years!

April, 11, 2018

When I arrived at CBS NewsChannel 5, I learned of the station’s devotion to serving the community. Before long, our manager, Tregg White, asked me to be a contestant on Dancing with the Stars of Cheyenne, a competition that raises thousands of dollars for the Boys & Girls Club. I wasn’t experienced at ballroom dancing, but under the direction of my terrific partner, Ballet Wyoming’s Jonathan Hedger, we won.

Dancing En Pointe After Fourteen Years - Katherine Chloe Cahoon 1

In preparation for the competition, Jonathan urged me to take classes with the ballet company. When our event was over, Kathy Vreeland, the Founder/Director of Ballet Wyoming, encouraged me to continue.

Dancing En Pointe After Fourteen Years - Katherine Chloe Cahoon 2

She then transitioned her troupe into a new contemporary ballet company, called Reformation Dance, and invited me to perform with them. I was both stunned and excited.

Dancing En Pointe After Fourteen Years - Katherine Chloe Cahoon 3

Growing up, I had received wonderful training at the official school of Pacific Northwest Ballet and American Ballet Theatre, so it was great fun to be dancing again—but the thought of performing with the company was daunting. The dancers moved so beautifully and I hadn’t worn pointe shoes in fourteen years! Let me tell you, ballet dancing is not like riding a bike. You don’t just tie on the pointe shoes and suddenly feel all those hard-earned skills come flooding back.

Dancing En Pointe After Fourteen Years - Katherine Chloe Cahoon 4

I was filled with doubt; however, Jonathan and the other company members encouraged me. Here is a touching message one of the principal dancers sent me at a moment when I seriously thought the production might be better if I did not make an appearance:

Dancing En Pointe After Fourteen Years - Katherine Chloe Cahoon 5

“Hey! I just wanted you to know that I think you are a very strong dancer!! You look great! Believe in yourself, because we all know you can do the dances for the show. I know it is a tough road – it is a challenge for all of us. The great thing is we have each other for support and encouragement. Don’t give up girl – you have this!!”

Dancing En Pointe After Fourteen Years - Katherine Chloe Cahoon 6

Now, two months later, opening night of our “Star Tributes” is almost here. The show runs April 13-14 at the Cheyenne Civic Center. I’m in the finale. If you live nearby, we would all love to have you join us. Here are details… http://reformationdance.com/star-tributes-rush-archieves/

From Seattle to Cheyenne

March, 30, 2018

This month, I’ve been reminiscing about my entrance into the CBS broadcasting world. That happened about a year ago.

white pants

Since habitats are important, my first order of business was to consider what I wanted to come home to when I became a reporter/anchor at NewsChannel 5.


I thought, “Do I want an elegant living room?”

elegant living room

“Or, would I be happier with a casual crash pad where I can kick back and relax?”



I had to stop and ponder the decision.


Of course, that involved little dancing around the showroom.



That’s when the answer became clear.


I decided to incorporate elements of both styles.

Timeless Spring Style

March, 20, 2018

It’s official. According to the calendar, spring has arrived! So regardless of whether your weather agrees, we can all start thinking about what to wear as our winter clothes migrate to the back of the closet. In honor of the first day of spring, I’m dusting off my still-fashionable fair-weather frocks.

Whether tiptoeing through the tulips or enjoying a lunch date, florals are perennial favorites.

Spring Fashion Throwbacks

Timeless Spring Style-KatherineChloeCahoon C

Timeless Spring Style-KatherineChloeCahoon D

Timeless Spring Style-KatherineChloeCahoon E

Timeless Spring Style-KatherineChloeCahoon F

Timeless Spring Style-KatherineChloeCahoon G

I’m not casting off my classic little black dress, but from what I see, this spring is all about wearing colors that stand out…cobalt, chartreuse, bright orange, strong red.

Timeless Spring Style-KatherineChloeCahoon H

Timeless Spring Style-KatherineChloeCahoon I

From taking in a tropical resort to planning a garden party, my flowy dress is a favorite when the sun makes an appearance.

Timeless Spring Style-KatherineChloeCahoon J

Timeless Spring Style-KatherineChloeCahoon K

Timeless Spring Style-KatherineChloeCahoon L

Timeless Spring Style-KatherineChloeCahoon M

Timeless Spring Style-KatherineChloeCahoon N

Timeless Spring Style-KatherineChloeCahoon O

Timeless Spring Style-KatherineChloeCahoon P

The Governor’s Arts Award Goes To…

February, 16, 2018

The incredible Leslie O’Hashi, owner of Bodyline Dance Theatre.

Leslie is one of the first people I met upon moving to Wyoming almost a year ago to work as an anchor/reporter for CBS NewsChannel 5. I heard about Leslie when she lost her grant for a dance program that miraculously helped kids with disabilities.


Right then, I decided that one of my first stories at Channel 5 should be about Bodyline. My goal was to help Leslie receive another grant. I was so touched at how much dance meant to the students in this program, many of whom couldn’t express themselves through words. Movement was their main form of communication.

Fast forward about nine months… The program is back up and running! My story included a cry for help to keep it going. Leslie’s cousin answered the call. He used my CBS news piece to nominate her for the Governor’s Arts Award…and she won!!!

The award includes a grant. Now Leslie’s program has the funds to continue helping children with disabilities express themselves and develop their talents through their love of dance.

The Scarf is Your BFF in Winter

January, 21, 2018

If you regularly brave variable winter weather, you know a scarf is the must-have accessory. I learned this tip by moving to Wyoming, the land of gyrating barometers. We have can endure a blizzard one day and enjoy tropical weather the next. My survival tactic is providing a permanent spot in my car for a scarf.

1-22-18 E

My love affair with scarves began about six weeks ago. It was the first time I had reported at an armed standoff. Or, let’s be honest, the first time I’d been anywhere near an armed standoff…unless you count sitting in the movie theater watching one of the Fast & Furious films.

1-22-18 C

And my close encounter occurred in a snow storm, no less! When the day started, I couldn’t have foreseen any of this! After being outside for hours filming the unfolding drama, I had to broadcast the climax live. By then, although, I had worn fleece leggings and a thermal top, my neck was frozen.

1-22-18 F

That’s when I learned to always have a scarf on hand.

1-22-18 B

One of my winter favorites is this classic Burberry cashmere.

1-22-18 D

This trench coat was my mom’s. She bought it when she was my age, which proves that the Burberry brand is enduring! Several years ago, we were having dinner on a winter night, seated next to the window at Seattle’s Space Needle. The panoramic view was beautiful, but I was cold, so she gave me her coat. I’ve worn it ever since.

1-22-18 H

Come to think of it, I have a long tradition of wearing her clothes. Here I am at about 1 ½ years, all dressed up in her heels and hat, getting her handbag ready so we can go out shopping.

1-22-18 G


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