Event Alert: Live-Streaming Dance Tutorials & More

January, 16, 2017

Do you ever wish that you could take a free dance class in the comfort and privacy of your own home? And then be ready to rock those moves the next time you’re at a party, or out on the town? Well, now you can! I’m very excited to announce that I’m one of the first US live-streaming hosts for VS1, an app that runs interactive lifestyle shows.

Live-Streaming Dance Tutorials & More VS1

It launches tomorrow, Wednesday, January 18. I will begin my program with popular-dance lessons to current songs, makeup tutorials, and dating and travel talk. All you have to do to join in the fun is download the VS1 app. Search for my show by my Lounge ID: 30013. You can watch and follow along, make comments, and ask questions that I’ll answer in real time.

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You can even become part of the show because I will be able to add guests who tune in. Just send me a message mid-show, and your wish could become a reality.

Here’s my VS1 show schedule for this week. Don’t worry if you can only join me for part of a show. You’ll always be welcome.

Live-Streaming Dance Tutorials & More Dance

Wednesday-Friday 2-6pm PST (5-9pm EST)

Makeup and Beauty Tutorials
2-3pm PST (5-6pm EST)
Learn the latest tips and tricks. My very first makeup tutorial on VS1 will be Charlotte Tilbury.

Travel Talk
3-3:30pm PST (6-6:30pm EST)
We’ll talk about interesting getaways.

Happy Hour
3:30-4:30pm PST (6:30-7:30pm EST)
Grab a drink because we’ll be chatting about everything from dating/relationships to lifestyle. Feel free to write me with questions in advance, or ask in the moment.

Dance Party
4:30-6pm PST (8-9pm EST) I’ll be teaching a class to popular music that is perfect for all levels…complete with a warmup, routine, and cooldown.

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Since we’re going to be dancing so much, I decided to post these black & white pictures that I ran across from my last NYC trip. I LOVE dancing—everywhere. The elevator at our hotel was no exception. My photographer, Kylee, stealthily clicked pics while I was dancing away!

The Price of Fashion

January, 8, 2017

Don’t be deceived by those sunbeams. It was FREEZEing out there!

I really wanted to do a fashion post featuring this little number…aka The Perfect Dancing Dress. It’s by Rebecca Taylor, and was made to dance in. Here’s the way I look at it: This dress is ideal whether you’re the kind of dancer who can do all sorts of fancy turns and dips, or it’s a stretch calling what you do on the dancefloor “dancing.” The dress twirls out so nicely, that it really doesn’t matter if you have two left feet. That full, knife-pleated skirt will make you look good.


Unfortunately, I snapped up one of the last of these dresses. There may be one left at Nordstrom Rack, but I believe that’s about it. I recently got this dress on super sale. Shhh…it’s not from this season. I’m kidding about wanting to be clandestine when it comes to sale shopping. I’m all for checking out past seasons’ picks. Oftentimes, they’re still in style, but cost much less than current cuts.


If you can’t afford Nordstrom, I’m a strong believer in Nordstrom Rack and Haute Look. You’ll get high quality for much less.


Getting back to that freezing part… After I snatched this find, I was so excited to shoot pics in it that I ignored the weather and ran out when the sun took centerstage. Wow, was it cold. I think the shoot lasted an entire four minutes…if that!

Happy Shopping, Everyone!

New Maybelline Product Unveiling/Tutorial

January, 6, 2017

This box of newly-minted Maybelline goodies arrived on my doorstep Christmas Eve day. Maybelline didn’t even wait to send Santa down the chimney with it. With these treats, my holiday excitement reached fever pitch early, and ran late…because, naturally, I’ve been experimenting with them ever since. Here’s a video of my Maybelline package unveiling, and a tutorial showing how to use all the new products.

Now for a product breakdown…


The 24k NUDES Palette. This palette is new on the market this month, so I’m giving you one of the very first looks. It has twelve iridescent shades in golds, bronzes and coppers that can give you a natural, yet star-worthy, look.

When I first saw the set, I felt like I had been transported to NYC. Have you ever walked those fashionable streets and passed woman-after-woman who looked like she just stepped out of a magazine? Their makeup appears effortless….as if they rolled out of bed that morning with perfect eyeliner, bright eyes, and glowing skin. Every girl can obtain that effect with the 24k NUDES palette. The eyeshadow hues range from light to dark, but even the darkest aren’t overdone. The colors are classic, timeless, and stunning…meaning that this palette has serious lasting power in the cosmetics world. And you get twelve shades for under $12, which pencils out at $1.00 per color. That’s incredible!



The Colossal Big Shot Express. For an objective analysis of this fully-loaded, lash-extending mascara, let’s go straight to the women who have tried it. According to Maybelline, nine out of ten surveyed, said that they saw a dramatic increase in volume after just one coat. Case closed!


Master Precise Liquid Ink Pen Eyeliner I have just two words for you about this product…goof proof. It is known for going on seamlessly…creating the perfect line. It’s also an award-winner. Here’s why: Have you ever used a liner that was laborious and left you with a lumpy line? Well, worries be gone. This product isn’t called “Master Precise” for nothing. It’s efficient and timesaving. Roll it on, and roll out the door.


Are you ready to be a Babelline…a Maybelline Babe?!

This post is sponsored by Maybelline, but all opinions are my own.

Travel Talk: Seattle’s “Six Seven”

January, 2, 2017

The first time I went to this restaurant was on a first date during the summer a few years back. When I was asked if I wanted to have dinner at “Six Seven in Seattle,” I though he meant at 6:07 pm. I really wanted to make a good impression, so I played it cool and said, “That’s an interesting time.” (You guessed it.) My cover wasn’t convincing. He explained that Six Seven was a restaurant, and we laughed about the misunderstanding. He also explained that I was about to experience a landmark evening, and he was right. The ambiance, food, and view were all A+…as was the company!

travel-talk-seattles-six-seven-katherine-chloe-cahoon-a travel-talk-seattles-six-seven-katherine-chloe-cahoon-b travel-talk-seattles-six-seven-katherine-chloe-cahoon-d

Six Seven is the signature restaurant in the Edgewater Hotel on Elliot Bay. The menu offers the best of gourmet Pacific Northwest cuisine. At your table’s edge, a continuous wall of floor-to-ceiling windows shows off a sweeping view of water lapping at the foundation, ferries coming and going from islands, and sunsets that look like they were produced by Hollywood. In the summer, swarms of sailboats swirl around.


As part of our holiday festivities, my family dined at Six Seven, and I can say with certainty that it’s equally amazing in the winter as the summer. All of these pictures were taken last weekend.


A word of warning: Never dine at this place when you’re on a diet, because you won’t be when you leave. If you think you’re going to pass up any of the courses, think again. I loved the food so much that I was sad to see the meal end. Fortunately, I had worn a forgiving dress that let me have seconds, thirds, and maybe even fourths without looking stuffed!


Here’s something I find unfathomable… A well-known rumor has it that this restaurant was once known best for its mediocre food. That was in the days when the Edgewater Hotel was called “The Edgewater Inn” and the Beatles fished from the windows in their suite. The Edgewater restaurant was so forgettable that no one could even remember its name.


Then everything dramatically changed. The entire complex got a face lift, name changes, and a new menu. The word “mediocre” has never been used to describe Six Seven. Scrumptious? Yes. Cutting edge? Absolutely. Memorable? You know it!