The Single Girl’s Guide to Meeting European Men strikes at the heart of what single traveling girls want─adventure, empowerment, romance, and fun. If you’re planning to study, vacation, or work abroad, get this book for the inside scoop on dating locals, hot spots for meeting quality men, tons of true, romantic – and often hilarious – stories, and insightful tidbits on the history and culture of 20 European countries.


William Kenower, Editor-in-Chief of Author magazine, says “Katherine is Miss Manners for international dating.”


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Top-badged reviewers have ranked Meeting European Men five stars. One critic confided, “Not only is this book witty and entertaining, Cahoon’s Vanderbilt education is evident in her style of writing. She defies any stereotypes or ill-conceived notions that women cannot be simultaneously intelligent, fun-loving, and attractive. Cahoon is all three, and so much more…This book is destined to become the modern single girl’s dating handbook.” Here are more reviews.

Leslie Juvin, a life counselor and blogger living in the French Alps, says, “Without scaring or intimidating readers, The Single Girl’s Guide to Meeting European Men is realistic about potential dangers and advises on how to avoid them, without killing the adventurous and fearless spirit of foreign travel.

And here’s a video with testimonials from reviewers, journalists, girls, guys, moms, grandmas and more!

So how exactly does a girl go about writing such a book?

Katherine recalls, “If someone had approached me while I was at college and said, ‘You’re going to be a writer even though that’s not your major, and your first published work will be The Single Girl’s Guide to Meeting European Men,’ I would have laughed and not believed them. But here I am!

“Meeting European Men evolved from a string of unexpected events. I had an International Media and Management major at Vanderbilt. Since I was on the dance/cheer team all four years and didn’t want to miss games, I fulfilled my international component by studying in Europe every summer. I had terrific experiences there and so did my girlfriends. Each fall when I returned to campus, other girlfriends asked me a million questions about European men and how I met them. For some reason they were never as interested in learning about what I had studied…shocker! Many of these girls confessed that when they had gone abroad, they had not met any locals.

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“When I was about to graduate, some of the younger members on our cheer squad asked me to leave them a little tip guide covering the hottest places to go in Europe to meet tantalizing men and how to do it. So I did.


“At Vanderbilt, I had taken Intro to Screenwriting and loved it. Before graduation, a Hollywood script guru read a piece I’d written for class, liked it, and offered to take me on as his protégé.

“The year following graduation, I was working with a producer at Warner Brothers on a script. His sector focused on book-to-movie adaptations, so he asked if I’d ever written a book. Doesn’t every girl just six months out of college? No, definitely not. But since my script mentor advised me to never answer “no” in a meeting, I told the producer about the little tip book I had made for girlfriends.

“He loved the concept and guided me in making it a complete book jam-packed with true stories about girls’ romantic adventures abroad. Thus, Meeting European Men was born. I interviewed over forty friends about their experiences, man-meeting tips, and hot spots. To ensure that their information was authentic, I only included input from girls who had spent at least two months in a location.


“Within two weeks of its publication, Meeting European Men shot up to number one in Solo Travel. I organized a charity book tour and traveled around to universities. These are my favorite types of book events because sororities support good causes and college girls get quite enthusiastic about the subject of European men. When I relate stories from the book, it’s not unusual for them to cheer so loudly you’d think they had the winning team at the Super Bowl!

“Plus, I love meeting single girls. Some of them have confided that they used to let men treat them poorly, but after reading my book, they recognized their own worth and learned to stand up for themselves.


“I also love meeting guys who say they read my guide to “get into girls’ minds.” And the moms who just enjoy the entertaining stories and a good laugh are always fun to talk with. Please reach out to me anytime. I enjoy hearing from you all.”


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