I’m the author of The Single Girl’s Guide to Meeting European Men, a Love and Romance expert for Seventeenand Cosmopolitan magazines, a television guest, a video creator with an award-winning short film, and a blogger.

Confession─I’m a dyslexic writer. I know, that adjective and noun aren’t supposed to appear in the same sentence. When I was in second grade, I was so dyslexic that my teacher said I would be lucky to graduate from high school and could never attend college. I ignored her and graduated from Vanderbilt University with honors.


Then I began working as a screenwriter. I’ve collaborated with producers from DreamWorks, Sony and Warner Brothers. None of our projects have been screened yet, but I love the process and hopefully one day they will. Hollywood is an interesting place. Many projects never make it into theaters for various reasons like studio personnel changes. That doesn’t stop people like me from being hired. I know a man who has raised a family in style solely by writing, despite the fact that none of his work ever made it to the screen. His in-laws are certain that Screenwriter is a code name for Mafia Hit Man.

Here’s a funny video I made about my so-called “glamorous” Hollywood life. As you will see, it’s far from glamorous.

One of my producers encouraged me to write Meeting European Men. It is based on girls’ experiences studying, traveling and working abroad, and it shot up to number one in Solo Travel within two weeks of the publication date.

Prior to my book, I had never done any sort of social media, but my publisher required an author’s website and Facebook. He said I could just quote parts of my book. I thought that would be unfair to people who bought it, so I got a simple video camera and editing program, taught myself to use them and went to town making comedic travel host skits sprinkled with man-candy. Think Elle Woods dispensing words of wisdom on meeting European men.

I didn’t have a budget for the videos so I did everything on them myself. If I couldn’t figure out a way to film myself, I’d rope in my mom, dad, or a friend. All of them were novices. At first, they frequently cut off my head and couldn’t master the knack of panning. So I was either absent from sections of film, or walking in one direction while the camera was moving in another. But the price of their services was perfect (free) and the company was great, so I quickly taught myself creative editing! Some of these skits went viral and made best-of lists. Here is my first one.

People started asking me to expand my videos from Meeting European Men skits to candid interviews about dating. Then they asked me to cover the latest beauty and fashion tips. My publisher seconded the motion, so now, on top of my day job of writing for editors and film executives, I squeeze in blogging on a variety of topics.

Here’s one of my fashion videos.

Many of my videos and blog posts come from requests. I love hearing from you. Your ideas are among the best. In fact, my short film, But I Do, began as a reader request and has now won several awards.


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