What Type of Guy is He?

May, 17, 2011

What Types is He
Megan Snider, the reviewer whose work was nominated for “Best Written Book Blog,” said on her site, “The Single Girl’s Guide to Meeting European Men shines for me when Cahoon breaks gentlemen down country by country, giving us a little background on the flirting and romance customs inherent in each place…Real-life stories about meeting men in many of the locations are included, too, along with further suggestions of where to meet certain types of guys (like, say, artsy men).”

Pictured here is Alex, the Euro hunk from the Balkan Peninsula, who was featured in my videos Why Single Girls Want to Meet European Men and European Men Love Women.

I wouldn’t call Alex an Artsy, but he’s definitely an Outdoor Sports Aficionado…or more like a combo of two categories…an Airbrushed Outdoor Sports Aficionado:) He is also very charming, so let’s call him a Charismat as well. Alex is a pretty enticing triple threat! As you can see from him, and as I explain in my book, men can encompass multiple categories. The types I list are just designed to give girls the general idea of the different kinds of guys they can meet and where to meet them. As you peel back the layers, you will find that every man has unique lovable attributes!

  1. Mary says:

    Read your book again last week! 🙂 Sooo entertaining and clever.

  2. Betty TomTom says:

    Yah love love love the book…esp the stories. A fave is the one about the Irish hottie Tempranillo. Can I have him??!!

  3. Rhodo says:

    I just gave this book as a grad gifts to nieces about to take Euro trips. They’ve already read it! They love the romantic stories. They marked the landmarks they want to visit, and their parents love the safety tips.

  4. Katie says:

    Just ordered your book off Amazon! Cant wait to find out the differences between the men…I hear there are some good pick up tips in there! I also hear the stories are like the satires in Cosmo…cant wait!


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