What Girls Want For Valentine’s Day

February, 12, 2016

I know, us girls can be so complicated. Guys wonder what we want for Valentine’s Day and yet, oftentimes, we don’t want to tell them. Then they wonder how in the world they’re going to do something their ladies like for the romantic holiday when they can’t get a straight answer. I’m about to let you gentlemen in on the secret of this sometimes-mysterious holiday!

Valentine's Day A

The reason why some are hesitant to say what they’d love to have happen is usually because they want to see what their guy does without any prompting. They want to feel special, surprised and cared for. There is no Valentine’s Day Formula. What matters most is that your plan comes from the heart and she knows you love her.

V-Day B

Some guys mistakenly think that they have to spend mega-money to show they care. That’s absolutely false. Love doesn’t have a bottom line made of dollars and cents. So think about what you know gets that special someone excited, get creative, and go for it. You’ve got this, guys!

V-Day C

I’m very excited for Valentine’s Weekend to begin. The above pictures were taken from Gloss in Love, a video that Tom and I filmed together. It is very romantic, thanks to this special man!


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