The Wedding Dance

July, 20, 2015

After teaching part of the choreography to Ed Sheeran’s Thinking Out Loud, I’ve received requests to teach another part—they come mostly from couples who want to perform it for their first wedding dance.

Thinking Out Loud

I love that, so Tom and I got together and filmed the continuation. I’m about to edit it and I’ll be posting the video Wednesday. You will all enjoy Tom. Not only is he an amazing dancer, but he’s amazingly fun, which is probably why our rehearsal contained just as much chatting and laughing as dancing:)

Since this is Meeting Men Monday, I thought I’d share one of Tom’s relationship insights. He says that dancing is like dating in the sense that you can have two people who are both incredible dancers separately, but they don’t always dance well together. Yet, they can change partners and do a perfect job on the same piece. Likewise, in dating, you can have two desirable people who are incompatible. What you can take away from Tom’s observation is that just because one person may not be attracted to you doesn’t mean another won’t think you’re the most stunning creature on the planet.


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