Sunset Splendor

April, 2, 2014

Odysseo, here we come! Or maybe not:) After seeing gymnasts doing stunts on galloping horses in Odysseo, I reasoned that just riding would be a snap…although my experience was limited to a pony class at age six.

Cabo A

When I saw this beauty on the beach in Cabo, I couldn’t resist him. He’s called “Roman” because of his regal roman nose. I fed him an apple and he loved me forever. If only men were that easy to win over!

Cabo B

Roman is a perfect mix of gentle, loving and playful. He adored prancing through the water, and was all ready to take us for a swim!

Cabo C

After our sunset ride, I wanted a picture beside him before saying goodbye. Roman seemed to know this because he nuzzled his head next to mine.

Cabo D


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