Secrets from Seventeen Magazine’s Superflirt

January, 20, 2014

Seventeen Magazine’s Superflirt

Anyone who has met Jonci knows that she’s the ultimate man magnet. This girl can’t go anywhere without testosterone surrounding her. We met right after the launch of my debut book and have been close friends ever since. I had just finished an article for Seventeen, and the editor asked if I knew a teen flirt the magazine could feature. Of course I did! Her name started with a J and ended with an i. Jonci just turned 20, but she’s as much of a flirting expert now as when she was Seventeen’s Superflirt! Since today is Meeting Men Monday, here are three of her top man-meeting tips…

Go for the Fun Factor. Jonci is vivacious. Her contagious energy affects everyone around her…meaning guys can’t get enough of her. She says that some girls can come off as intimidating. They’re so shy that they put up a wall around them, or they’re so in their own worlds that men are afraid to pursue them. Jonci says to replace the fear factor with fun. Be open and approachable.

That leads us to Jonci’s next tip. Girls don’t have to wait to be approached…  

Be Bold. Okay ladies – you heard it from the expert – there’s no need to hang back. You can make the first move. But bear in mind that Jonci introduces herself to as many girls as she does guys. She’s out to make friends, and this means that when she meets a man, she never comes across as a barracuda pouncing on her prey.  

Keep Your Lips Sealed. Well, at least initially. Jonci admits that she won’t even kiss a guy right away. She doesn’t want you to think that you have to wait an eternity to be intimate, but if you’re dating a man and hold out a bit, as Jonci explains, “You’re weeding out the weak and horny. If they want a relationship, they’ll wait a little while. And a relationship needs to be based on more than just physical attraction.” In other words, with Jonci’s approach you learn if the two of you are compatible without being unduly influenced by pheromones.

To all you admiring men, sorry, Jonci does have a boyfriend now. Surprise, surprise. And I can attest to the fact that he’s a keeper—smart, funny, simmering hot—so girls, you see what her flirting tips attract!


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