My Seven-Minute Morning Routine

February, 15, 2016

I’ll be the first admit that I’m not a morning person. The alarm and I aren’t friends. My “morning workout” is hitting the snooze button repeatedly;)

Morning A

So to give myself extra time to cuddle under the covers, I’ve stream-lined the morning get-ready. Of course, that is for more of a natural-makeup look. If I want to go dramatic, I have to bond less with my snooze button.

Morning B

While at Vanderbilt, I perfected this seven-minute regimen. Weekends were the time to live it up. Whenever there was a football or basketball game, I was cheering and, of course, the nights were devoted to having fun at parties. This all meant that I often went to bed as the sun rose. On Sunday mornings, after only a few hours of sleep, I’d roll out and scramble to church. Breakfast consisted of bites at stoplights in my friend’s car. That’s when the seven minute get-ready was born. Here it is…

Morning C

First Two Minutes. Brush your teeth. I take a full two minutes!

Second Two Minutes. Get dressed. I always lay out my clothes the night before so that I can just jump into them. Showering the night before is imperative for this timetable. Of course, I do my hair before a night out, so if I have to go through the door again when the sun rises, I honestly don’t even brush it. I figure a head shake will do.

Last Three Minutes. I save makeup for the home stretch. Here are my prime products:

NARS has a tinted moisture with SPF that’s a skincare miracle. It has hydration, sun protection, and color all in one tube!

NARS Tinted

I love getting Reckless with NARS. That is, with their Reckless blush. It’s gorgeous and, best of all, I’ve discovered that it can double as an eyeshadow. The shimmer is eye-catching without being overpowering. And by double-dipping a makeup product, you save time.

NARS Blush

Trish McEvoy’s Intense Gel Eye Liner rolls on in one swipe. So fast!


MAC has my current favorite mascara, hands down. One application makes lashes look long and full. And when a girl only has three minutes, there isn’t time for a second coat.


Then I throw on Lancôme’s Gloss in Love as I run to the car. I love this product so much that I’ve devoted an entire post–and maybe two–to it.


Like I said, it’s not unusual for me to eat breakfast at stoplights, which is why I’m a fan of yogurt. I chose ones with high protein so I’m ready to start my day.


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