My So-Called “Glamorous” Hollywood Life

March, 4, 2011

I created this video in response to readers’ requests. You can download the music from iTunes.

  1. Alisha Wimberley Paul says:

    I’m a crumbs kinda person! Give me the Big cupcake! 😛

  2. Sara says:

    Katherine all your videos r brilliantly comedic! This one feels like an inside look @ the film world. Awesome shots of studios + Bev Hills. Great job! Side note: I’m a Crumbs person:)

  3. Trey Hudson says:

    KCC is such a hot dancer that the press loved her when she cheered for Vandy. No matter where she was on the field they found her. Once I saw several strangers approach her and say how much they enjoyed watching her on local TV. She was so nice to them and down to earth, just like she is in this video.


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