Embracing Your Style

February, 5, 2016

One of you suggested that I discuss how to deal with someone who is making fun of your style in school. This problem doesn’t just rear its ugly head in high school and college. You can meet a hater at any stage of life.

When I received this request, I instantly thought back to when I was a freshman in high school. I had watched the “Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show” for the first time. As soon as I pried my eyes away from the tube, I went online and ordered a top. Since I’m telling this story, I thought it was fitting to post some pics in VS styles.


So back to my story, the first day that I excitedly wore my VS top to school, a girl stopped me and growled (literally!), “Did you raid your grandma’s closet?” My confidence was shattered. I wished that I could go home and change, but minutes later, I received a compliment on the same look.

When I told my friend what the other girl had said, she responded, “I saw Adriana Lima wearing that. You’re grandma must be hella hot!”

I loved her comeback. It made me realize that everyone has different style likes, and some people want to be mean for mean-sake. So, pick the look that’s right for you, feel good about it, and go forth with confidence. If any naysayers come along, in the immortal words of Taylor Swift, “Shake it off!”


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