Deck the Outdoors

December, 16, 2015

The other evening, I was strolling through town admiring the festive winter lights when I overheard a man say that he hadn’t begun his holiday decorating. Friends, there is always time to decorate—even if it’s the night before Christmas! Today, I’m focusing on outdoor decorations. They’re my favorite because in a way they’re a gift to the neighborhood. Everyone passing by can enjoy them, and I especially love admiring what others have created. Tom and I honed in on some winterberries at a Wells Medina holiday party.


They’re guaranteed to spruce up any outdoor basket or pot.


Nurseries are holiday hot spots for helping you deck the outdoors, from ornaments…


to greenery…


and light-reflecting balls…


Then there are DIY ideas, like dressing up a fur swag by gluing on bows anchored with pinecones. Here are a row of them.


Tom and I couldn’t leave the party without roasting some marshmallows for s’mores. This endeavor involved a lot of laughing. Isn’t having fun what a party is really about? 🙂




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