The Dating Details

January, 7, 2015

It’s no mystery that relationship talk is high on my list of entertaining pastimes. So I just couldn’t feature Grant in a dating comedy sketch without getting his real thoughts on the topic. If you missed our skit, here it is.

Of course, I’m sure you know that Grant assumed a persona in our video. For his day job, he is a Director of Business Development at a national company. Several of you have emailed me your relationship questions, so I asked Grant to provide a man’s perspective… a very intelligent, personable man, I might add. Here’s our Q&A:


How Interested is Too Interested? A question that I hear a lot goes something like this… I really like this guy and want to show him that I’m interested. Are men more likely to pursue a woman who shows interest or one who plays hard to get?

Grant: If a girl is easy to approach, it makes me want to be around her. We’re okay with approaching, but once we build up the confidence to reach out to you, then the more inviting you are, the more we feel like our presence is wanted. We loosen up and the mutual attraction grows.

KCC: From a woman’s standpoint, I never believe in playing hard to get. I think the real question is, Would you rather date someone who likes the genuine you or the you that you believe you’re supposed to be? Playing hard to get is still playing. It’s putting on a front that isn’t sincere.


Where Has Traditional Dating Gone? Another recurring question is, Do most guys only want to hang out? What is happening to traditional dating? Some girls worry that it’s becoming antiquated and many romantics want to bring it back.

Grant: I would nearly always prefer to take a girl out for a traditional date, but sometimes I worry that romance sends a strong message. It’s hard to put yourself out there unless you feel like you are both on the same page.

How to Give Criticism Without Being Critical? When something bothers you in a relationship, it’s important to talk with your partner honestly, but how does a girl do this without coming off as condemning?

Grant: If you feel there is something you need to talk about, then you need to talk about it. Period. If you don’t, it will sit in your stomach and fester. Just make the talk constructive. Let him know you’re talking to him about things that are important to you because the relationship is working and this is your way of showing him how things can become even better.


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