Bee Mine!

September, 9, 2016

After all, I’m wearing my bee top from Anthropologie. Doesn’t everyone when those yellow-and-black winged creatures return to their hives at the end of their high season?

As we move into fall, I’m also sending a sale shout-out so you can gracefully make this seasonal transition in style. In other words, I’m giving you a chance to have a shopping splurge without doing damage to your budget.

bee-mine-aThis top came from the sale section of the store. It was one of the last. My shoes were on super-sale at Nordstrom Rack. They, too, were one of the last in that style from the store.

I paired these items with yoga-ish shorts that I’ve owned since I was fourteen. No lie! The dancers were given them the summer that I trained with American Ballet Theatre. They even have “ABT” embossed on them in small letters. All in all, this outfit was Bargain Central!

bee-mine-b bee-mine-cSo here’s my tip: Places like Anthropologie and Nordstrom Rack have some awesome markdowns right now. They’re transitional clothes perfect for a summer that’s lingering into fall. Sure, we’ll have to say farewell to these salad days soon. But in the meantime, we can wear killer finds in enduring styles that will be ready for repeat performances when spring arrives.

bee-mine-d bee-mine-eSizes are a bit limited, so finding just the right item takes a little luck or a lot of looking. The hunt is part of the fun!


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